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A Few Words About Us

Wild Grip Publishing came into existence in 2012, as a small publishing house focused on highly technical wheel-based sports, starting with Bike Trials Riding.
Our first title “Your Complete Guide to Trials Riding” has become what’s known as the bible of Bike Trials Riding. Since then, our publishing focus has been on "Anything that skids on wheels".


In all our guides, we explain the techniques methodically, step-by-step, with in-depth written descriptions from the most basic skills to the most demanding expert-level moves.

Slow-motion videos

A unique feature of our technical guides, QR codes embedded on the pages provide you with a direct access to dedicated slow-motion videos on your smartphone.

Printed for comfort

Get everything all nicely tied-up into one place, an easy to read full-colour book, without having to skip through hundreds of inconsistent or unrelated web pages. Printed on FSC-sourced paper, in Europe.

Available soon

We are working on several other titles, including:
"Your Complete Guide to Freestyle Scootering" - release date to be confirmed.
"Your Complete Guide to Cycle-Ball & advanced riding techniques for fixies" - release date to be confirmed.

Books in the making


Your Complete Guide to Cycle-Ball will take you on a discovery path, starting with the sport's history, its rules and the bikes' unconventional characteristics, to expand on a full range of fixie riding techniques, some of which unique to cycle-ball and each individually described in their most relevant context.

Freestyle Scootering

Your Complete Guide to Freestyle Scootering is definitely the most complete handbook you will find about the techniques of Freestyle Scootering. It will become essential reading for all new stunt scooter riders, their coaches, and anyone with an interest in the elaborate and creative tricks seen at freestyle scooter contests.


Get in touch to know more about titles availability, retail, or to request copyright licence information for a title translation.
We are happy to receive constructive feedback about any of the books we publish.

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